Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Guess It's Genetic

I want to start by justifying myself creating and account and posting a blog. As obvious as it might already be, my dad insists I make an account. Even though I was somewhat reluctant to make the account so far I haven't regretted making one. Who knows, maybe, just maybe dad will even keep me informed on what he is doing. But I doubt it.

So now I decide what to post. I think I'll take a ride on the bandwagon and state that I, too have nothing interesting to say. However, I can at least write about what is on my mind just like anyone else. So here it is.


Call me grandma but I can't wait to go to Florida. Maybe it's because I scored a boyfriend that wants me to go so bad he's paying. Or maybe it's because it's going to be 80 degrees and sunshiny all day long. Or it might also be because I don't have to lift a finger the entire time I'm there... school and work will be left about 7 states North of where I'll be. I'm sure you're wondering where I'll be, what we'll be doing. Well so do I. Since I'm not paying for anything I really don't know much about our trip except that our rental house has a hot tub in the yard (I learned that last night). The point of me writing all of this isn't to provoke jealousy although I'm sure I succeeded in doing so, it is strictly to inform the world (and my dad) about what is happening in my life.

So, now that I've talked about the exciting news in my life, the reality is this week and last has been midterms and I have to return to studying. Also, here is something for the aunts and father in the blog world. I think for my informative speech due the Monday after spring break I'm going to inform the class of Haight and Ashbury (the street corner). Wish me luck... it's a little before my time. Thanks.

Next time something sparks my mind I'll be sure to blog it down. Sorry for the significant waste of time this one might have been for you. =)