Tuesday, April 29, 2008

By Special Request...

... I'm going to update. I've been asked a few times now so I think I finally have an appropriate topic. After all of the softball/baseball posts I think I can put in my two cents and post about my first slowpitch game of the season. That's right, Joni is back on the field. This summer I'm on a co-ed slowpitch team for Jordan's company. We had a night game tonight, under the lights. It was fun to say the least. I didn't really shine tonight but hopefully it isn't a foreshadowing on the rest of my season. My at bats went something like: KO, ground out to the pitcher, walk, and 1B on an error. Defensively, I played short the entire game up until the last inning and I asked to be put at 2nd (the guy who was there usually plays short stop anyway). We ended up losing the game in the last inning 16-17. It was close the entire time but we couldn't hold them. They had some really good hitters. Someone on our team even nicknamed one of their players the "she-man". Overall it was fun. Jordan's quite disappointed in himself/the game but I'm happy I'm playing at all. We'll be playing every Tuesday night so look forward to updates on it I guess.

By the way, my computer needs repairing so I'll be online sparingly, sorry. Until next time though, take care and enjoy the lack of snow.

Jordan and I are going to rock the Key Lime pie contest.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

OSH Continued...

First here's a translation:

Next the pile driver:

And finally one for people who don't want to see the painful stuff:

Friday, April 11, 2008

OSH 300

I'm really loving my Occupational Safety and Health Management class. Thursday we learned the wrong way to operate a forklift. We watched this short clip from Steplerfahrer Klaus that was a "forklift training video." Enjoy!

Warning: Pregnant women, young children, and those with a weak stomach should not watch this video. Do not try this at home.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's almost time for summer... and slowpitch? I might be on a slowpitch team this summer if I stay in the area. The last time I played any kind of softball game I hyper extended my knee. Plus, that last game was a slowpitch game. So I decided to work on knee strength today.

I started with a kind of improv grapevine move and finished it faster than I started. I was feeling pretty winded. Then I switched legs. After two rounds of barely moving I was breathing heavily and laying on my bed. I reluctantly got back up and tried an old volleyball drill where we squat down, touch the floor, jump up and reach our hands up as high as we could. Ah, there was the weakness in my knee I was looking for. I could tell I was favoring my right knee (the one that didn't get hurt). So after jumping 10 times I was dying and out of breath. I took a short break (less than a minute) and drank some water to help quench myself. Next I tried non weighted squats, just three sets of 10. And then I did some physical therapy moves I remembered from a softball practice when Shannon's PT came in and worked us out.

My leg was shaking way more than I expected, definitely weak from babying it. After 7 minutes of barely working out I it is extremely safe to say I am out of shape. I'm going to have to work out a little more than 7 minutes if I want to finish the entire season this summer.