Thursday, July 16, 2009

A True Bonding Moment...

... Between a girl and her car. Observe:

Nothing brings a girl and her car together like a nice, old fashioned, wash.

I think my Mazda is a girl. I'm going to name her. Any ideas? Here is what I know about her so far:

1. Is beautiful
2. Has style
3. Is graceful
4. Is powerful
5. Likes to show off
6. Is talented
7. Is sensible
8. Has class

I think I'm going to stop the list at 8. I could go on but you can get an idea of her personality by those 8.

Here are some ideas:
1. Dorothy
2. Evelyn
3. Helena
4. Aideen
5. Lesley

Let me know:
a) Your favorite
b) Different names you might think of