Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day in the Life of...

Bologna! Here it is, I took my camera everywhere on Monday. Two of my first classes were canceled so it isn't a typical Monday for me but it is the typical day of mine as a college student. I'm actually surprised at how good this is going to turn out.

Ahhh... Good morning, day! No classes this morning, I'm going to milk my beauty sleep as long as I can (10:12am).

I pulled back the curtains only to reveal a beautiful day.

Look at those icicles! Blue skies and sunshine... good forecast for what's to come.

How can a day go wrong when you start it with a bowl of honey nut cheerios? It simply cannot.

Often I find rides back from class with a friend, Sasa (sounds like Sasha). He's in a lot of my classes and lives on Alpine, too. This is on our way from my apartment complex to the bus stop downtown. We were on our way to meet our group for Fire Science in Allendale.

The way to school: Alpine. When I see all of that Alpine in front of me I have a very "bring it on" attitude towards life.

This is the view from the stop I'm at most. I can transfer from the 9 to the 50, from the Hill Dash to the 9, or (even though I never have) I could transfer from the Hill Dash to the 50. Often I'm waiting here for up to 30 minutes to go back to my apartment.

Hello,50! Only a matter of time until you come back to pick me up!

I was such a creeper on the bus... I might have forgot to turn my flash off.

My view on the way to the Allendale campus plus the cord you pull to signal your stop.

This isn't Grand Rapids... where did a barn come from?

I meet my destination. I wanted to get a picture of the arch but I was limited to what I could see.

This is a point in my documentation that is lacking. Between here and later I went to the library, had subway, got back on the bus, and went to the Center for Health Sciences downtown where my 5 OSH classes are held. And now we resume here:

I'm the first one to class. Go figure, it doesn't start for over two hours. Well since I'm so early, want a tour?

The view from my seat. Everyone knows this is my seat. I never sit anywhere else in all 5 classes I have in this room.

We can store flammable liquids in our classroom. Jealous much?

This is the door to our confined space. I love the sign. It wasn't supposed to be permanently labeled a permit required confined space.

This is a picture of our confined space plus the tripod that stands above it for emergency retrieval. There's actually a hole up there so someone can get harnessed and drop in from above.

These are our empty hazardous materials drums. Nothing too special about those. Except they're housed by our confined space. I guess that's a little strange.

This wall around our computers is an ergonomic wall. It's to relieve stress on the worker's eyes when at a computer station. You might notice that our keyboards and mice are all ergonomic, too.

We also have a noise monitoring booth. It actually doesn't work because some genious fire person thought that it needed a sprinkler installed in case there was a fire inside. Now it isn't sound proofed.

Now that I've give everyone a tour, I sit down to do some homework...

This is school? Phones and iPods? I love school these days.

My first friend has arrived! This is one of my favorites, Jovan. Wasn't he a good sport?

This is Ryan. He lives in the same apartment complex. He's been working out with Kevin lately.

We had a guest speaker in class. He showed us how to use the tripod, how to perform an emergency evacuation, how to tell if the tripod has been used and needs to be discontinued... you name it, he covered it. It was one of the best classes I've had in a while.

Finally... the dinner I've been waiting for. Pizza. Don't judge me, I walk all over Grand Rapids.

The End! (I actually edited all of these pictures, straightened them, and made them nice but forgot to save it all before I uploaded everything. Sorry!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

This is the Diary of...

Today I'm going to document my entire day. I'll try to post it soon. "A Day in the Life of Bologna."

I'm going to equip myself with my camera... people will probably think I'm weird. Whatever. I've been wanting to do this for a while now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Visitors?

I was graced by the presence of these two Monday night:

Anyone recognize them? That's my high school best friend, Sarah, and her cousin, Julie!

Now be honest, was this worthy of a blog post? I creeped them out taking pictures saying, "Sorry, I have to document my life for my family." Is this really what you all want? Small posts of my visitors and happenings? I can keep them coming...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"This is Not My Caliber of Work"

Cute little story for the family. This week was a pretty good one, aside from having the flu. Although I've spent about two days in pajamas, laying on the couch... I had a visitor. Who?


That's right. All the way from Illinois. The most productive part of his visit is what I'll share with you now. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, The Ottoman.

I'm not sure if anyone knows this about it, possibly dad, Mickey, and peej... one leg was broken almost completely off. First Matt tried to fix it with the picture nails I had laying around. This resulted in something as follows:

At this stage in the game Matt was unsatisfied and exclaimed, "This is not my caliber of work!" Refusing to settle for less than his best, we set out for Target in hopes of finding a drill. This resulted in something more like:

What do you all think? I'm pretty impressed. Maybe he stands a chance in a family full of perfectionists?