Monday, March 30, 2009


For those who know, and those who do not, I recently spilled an entire glass of orange juice on my keyboard. In a conversation I had with John, he mentioned I should use a sippy cup. Since I am broke, I replied by saying, "If you buy it, I'll use it."


In other news, I've started selling my stuff today. I posted my pride and joy on Ebay. This fridge has been with me for a few years now. I got it cheap from a guy in New Jersey on Craigslist. It has treated me well but alas, it is time to let go... *tears*

Fridge is sold =(

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunshine Treats a Person Well

Here it is... the long awaited California post. My trip was too short but still amazing.

Day 1: Sunday
I woke up at 3:30am to get on my 5:40am flight. I bartered two cans of ravioli and a can opener for a ride to the airport. The flight went well, I rode a puddle jumper all the way to Dallas where I had a slight layover. From there I flew to LAX, no big deal. I left the airport in search of a taxi; my first time ever taking one. As we drove, the meter climbed quickly landing on $34, yikes! At least I was at my hotel and in one piece. Then the trouble started. (I knew the flight went too well). When I tried checking into my room, it hadn't been paid for yet. A two night stay was asking $300 from me. So I tried doing what I do best; I called dad for money. Long story short, the hotel can't take cards over the phone, I couldn't reach my boss and I ended up paying for the first night and getting it settled in the morning.

Since I was so broke from paying for the room... someone special did me the biggest favor ever. The Boy actually got his roommate to drive him to Pizza Hut where he could buy a gift card he would later use to order me pizza online. You have to appreciate how well this was thought out. You see, he couldn't just call and use his card, no way. When they deliver it they sometimes need to see the card and I wouldn't have had one. Fool proof. He ordered way too much, I'm pretty sure they thought they were delivering to a party because she gave me 6 or 7 plates.

Day 2: Monday
After settling the room ordeal, I headed out in my business casual outfit to see my future workplace. The plant was surprisingly small. I've heard the stories about how it is one of the most productive plants in operation and how everyone is always crammed with too much work so I expected a place that was... well, bigger than anything I could imagine. Like I said, it was small. A short walk from one end to the other includes offices, lines and a waste water treatment facility they have on site (probably the coolest thing I saw). I met and was interviewed by more people than I can remember (something like 6). After lunch, Jeff sent me to his place to meet his wife so she could show me the area. She was such a sweetheart! The moment I saw her I commented on her Ed Hardy sunglasses (that only cost her $5!) and she was already scheduling a day to take Abbie, the industrial hygienist that recently graduated from Purdue, and I shopping. The area is beautiful, being so close to the ocean. Here are the best pictures I have... (Monday was cloudy all day)...

This was early in Monday morning looking across the other balconies on my level.

This was the sunrise on Monday. I was getting ready when I realized it was happening right on my balcony so I was snapping pictures every 5 minutes.

The view the rest of the day...


This is a picture of the Pallos Verdes Estates. AKA, where I will never be able to afford. It was beautiful though. And if you follow that strip of land into the ocean, you'll soon be on Catalina Island.

A pictures my boss's wife took of me before dinner.

This picture of the waves crashing in was my view from where I ate supper. I had to explain to my new boss that I have this family and everyone blogs and pictures and yadda yadda yadda... because I was pulling my camera out in the restaurant.

This pretty much concludes my stay in California. It was short-lived but I can promise you there is so much more to come.