Monday, June 22, 2009

'Cause it's root, root, root for the (away) team!...

What did I do for Fathers' Day? Angels vs. Dodgers game!!!!! Here are the pics:

We tailgated. You would think we had burgers and hot dogs but nooo, paninis. This guy, Ryan, got a lot of crap for this but they were very good.


Roasted red bell peppers:

REAL mozzarella cheese + caramelized onions:

Ciabatta bread:

One darn good sandwich:

Angels' Stadium:

What happens if you jump onto the field? Jail, prosecution (something I couldn't hear) and you get tackled:

Ahhh... a good night. I took a crappy picture of the sunset over Anaheim. We stayed for a little while and grilled turkey burgers in the parking lot before driving home.

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

FOOD. (Two for One)

What's on the menu today? Well, for starters, I think I should discuss last week's menu. FINALLY! The salsa. And the corn and black bean quesadillas. And the something new I made today. Get ready. Here it goes.


Mangos +

Black Beans =

Some Good Salsa.

I messed up quite a bit. I forgot to cook the beans after soaking them so I had to pick through a mess of mango and onion to get the beans out. Then hours later I finally went to finish my masterpiece and accidentally used parsley instead of cilantro. BUT! It still turned out very yummy. Now, what to eat it with?


This would have been my throwdown meal, by the way...

What does it look like when a quesadilla is cooked to perfection? Let me show you...

And with a side of:


So now, my grand finale, today's meal, with the help of dad while I was at the grocery store...


Grilled cheese made with San Fransisco style sourdough bread and muenster cheese. Homemade tomato soup with all kinds of deliciousness...

Prepare yourself for the majesty that lies ahead.

'Cast of Characters'

I should have chopped the carrots up smaller but:

Our kitchen saw all kinds of excitement today. I actually had to be really careful in all of these pictures. I was constantly moving food around trying to capture just the tomato soup stuff. But I breaked to get this one:

(Dan and Anna, the roommates)

Well, the soup will be ready soon. Time to start the good stuff.

I know you're wondering how it turned out. Best. Soup. Of. My. LIFE.

Ahhh. Nothing like a full stomach. Coming soon: Spinach Fettuccine Primavera and Sloppy Joes II.

(If you guys want recipes, just ask, I can find them)

The. End.