Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are Tweezers a Weapon?

I'm getting ready for my big flight out first thing tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! Hopefully I don't have any of you-know-who's luck with flying. It's been a while since I've been on a plane, I can't remember what is a weapon and what isn't anymore. I'll be sure to have my camera on me. And, since I don't have a functional laptop anymore, I'll have to wait until I get back for the big update. All I know so far is that I'm going to see the plant and meet some people I'll be working with. They're trying to work out something so I can get a feel for the neighborhood and where I might be interested in living, too. *big breath* Here I go...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One of My Favorite Things

Grilled Sandwiches. I wish to introduce you all to:

Peanut Butter + Butter =

Muenster Cheese =

I finally finished one of my books (from my 5 book goal last semester), A Thousand Splendid Suns. I cried like a baby through parts of it but especially one part near the end. What do I love about reading the most? Insight to the thoughts of people. This book took what I would have never been able to imagine, war in Afghanistan, and brought some of it's real emotion and horrors into perspective for me. I loved it and now I can't wait to read The Kite Runner, it's predecessor.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Global Warming.

This is something we watched in Chemistry this morning:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow on the Roof?

I was sitting in my room waiting for some people from class to show up at our apartment when I heard a 'thud' outside my window. As I opened the curtains I see this taking place on the apartments across from ours. This poor guy was trying to shovel snow off the roof and apply salt to try to melt some of the ice. I don't know how he's still alive. This was clearly an immanent danger situation and the last thing I wanted to do was yell out at him, "Hey!" and startle him off the ladder. So instead, I took his picture. I might turn it into the apartment complex.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Look What I Got!

I checked my mail today and I got something (semi) unexpected. What could it be? I see who it's from... (I photoshopped out my last name and our addresses)

Aww... look at the extra thought put into the packaging.

Here's the front (very cute but I'm not about to cut a lock of hair off):

And the inside (maybe now I will... this is adorable):

Tadaa!! What a sweetheart.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Job

So. Last Tuesday I met with the guys from Alcoa. As nervous as I was, I ended the night in a very lighthearted state of mind. First we met with the guys in a conference room in the building we (the other two girls and I) have class in and later we went out to dinner.

The meeting went well. We didn't discuss much I didn't already know. Turns out this is the first time Alcoa is going from campus to campus to interview students for job/internship positions. Since we're part of the first group to be hired, we're in the 'Alpha Class'. I guess we'll even get tee shirts. He told me that in Torrance, well, in California in general, the plant is a whole different ball game. He said it will be very challenging, fast pace, demanding, etc. Bring it on is what I said, haha. He even tried to scare me with a story about a girl working an hour north of the Torrance plant in Fullerton that couldn't handle it and had to be transferred. After all of the scare, I'm still excited to go. What's an internship worth if I'm not challenged, right?

Then there was dinner. I don't know if anyone has ever been to Cascade but it's the nicest area in Grand Rapids. Home of the Cascade golf course that costs $20,000/year for a membership. We ate at a place in Cascade called The Bonefish Grill:

To start, Paul ordered appetizers; crab cakes, bang bang shrimp, and calamari. My main dish was the shrimp and scallops with lemon butter sauce and a side of mixed vegetables and green beans. The entire time the guys were laughing and joking with us and telling us how awesome of an opportunity we had. Oh, and heckling the waiter (so funny). After dinner we were stuffed... so Paul ordered us dessert. We had GIANT brownies next to a scoop of real vanilla ice cream and drizzled with raspberry sauce. What a good meal.

So things with Alcoa are progressing nicely. It looks like I'll be out there starting work in mid-May. =)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

NIU Part Two

Last weekend I visited the boyfriend at Northern Illinois University. I haven't said much about him in posts because, well, I don't like introducing boys to people if they're not going to stick around long. Well, it seems there is potential in this one.

Let me introduce you to Matt Kennedy:

Safety Major, Productivity & Mechanical Engineering Tech Minors
Vice President (soon to be President!) of his American Society of Safety Engineers student chapter (it's a popular safety organization... I'm a member... the conference we met at was an ASSE conference)
Age: 25 going on 26 (he's so old!)
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite band/artist: Tom Petty
Favorite decade: 90's

Our story: We met at the Future Safety Engineers of America safety conference in Kentucky back in November at the bowling social. Anyone who knows me knows I hate bowling. Well I was sitting around while 10-15 classmates bowled and Matt started up a conversation about me beginning with, "Hey, you're that girl I saw in the hall earlier." It was true. A little embarrassing because I was awkwardly waiting at a door to get into a room and he was walking by with a friend and just slipped in a 'hi' while passing. Whatever. We hung out for a few days at the conference and have talked every day since.

I wanted to blog about the first time I visited NIU but I forgot to take my camera SO... here's my second trip =)

One of my favorite parts, we made a cake together.

Well... Matt made a cake and had the pleasure of my company.

Okay, really I just stood around and took pictures.

Seriously, I hardly contributed according to these pictures.

Matt's idea: putting strawberries and strawberry syrup into the cake. Genius.

Matt, like a 3 year old child, could not wait for the cake to cool. I tried to tell him you can't frost it when it's warm...

The end result:

This is where I came in! I ATE the cake! Not bad at all. The frosting recovered and we had one helluva cake.

Probably the best part. I know it doesn't sound that great, but I love a good competition and Matt was just that in the game of:

I lost 4 out of 5 games. So. Much. Fun. We also played Monopoly... and I got my butt kicked. Next visit: Phase 10.

Stay tuned for:
Alcoa update
Train ride
Cleaning my apartment

Monday, February 2, 2009

Twenty Five

Things. I'm a follower =)
Actually, this is just to hold you all over until I get my pictures from the weekend. I spent a few days in Illinois and actually took my camera this time. Until I get around to posting pictures, enjoy 25 random (useless) fact about me.

1. I want an apartment on the beach.

2. I've never had a car in my 21 years of life.

3. I can't wait to have a dog someday.

4. I have a habit of making friends wherever I go.

5. I can't wait to have my own cell phone bill. (but I'll wait anyway)

6. I'm extremely happy to be dating another safety major.

7. I love a good competition.

8. I constantly lie about my last name.

9. I'm starting to hate my job and they can never get my schedule right.

10. I actually like the city of Grand Rapids even though I'm so excited to move.

11. I have a pretty laid back approach to life.

12. I have a freckle on my pinky.

13. I listen to music like I'm a 50+ year old man.

14. I wish I were famous.

15. I hate working with food... it's so gross.

16. I think my family is AWESOME.

17. My favorite color is a tie between blue and green but if it could be a shade of grey it would be black for sure.

18. I wish I had musical talent.

19. I wish I would have given engineering a shot.

20. I should shower more.

21. I'm still not sold on the idea of having kids.

22. I can't wait to be able to afford decorating an apartment.

23. I get lyrics wrong all the time.

24. I love the little town I came from... such a random little place.

25. I sleep with a baby blanket. Still.

**Alcoa is coming tomorrow... I'll have to update on that, too.**