Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast of Champions.

That's 100% chocolate whey protein mixed with milk, yogurt, ice and homework. Delicious after a good morning's workout.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Made a Bet

Anyone ever make a bet and start to wonder why after a while? Well here's my story...

Jordan will never try any of my food so in a desperate attempt to have Kevin try my chai latte yesterday, I made a bet that I'd try something of his. Now, if you've never had a chai (dad), it's made up of a spiced tea concentrate, it tastes kind of like pumpkin pie and cinnamon, and milk (in my case I like it with vanilla soy milk). It's like a dessert more than a drink.

Note to self: Never make bets with someone who enjoys 1. Entering the marines 2. Eating hot foods.

The deal was a sip of chai for a habanero pepper. I had the pepper confused at the time with the little yellow peppers he bought the same day. I clarified very quickly when he pulled out the small container with the dark orange peppers in it. He at least cut it in half for me so I didn't have to suffer through a whole one.

Those seeds were the end of me. One bite into them and I was instantly in pain. I swallowed it barely chewed up just to survive. I didn't think of the repercussions. I'm just going to say it this way... I think I left my intestine in the toilet and I had to write this standing up.

What's the lesson? Jordan should try my foods more often so I'm not pushed into making stupid bets.

Anyone else ever make a stupid bet??

Here's your visual. I'm done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


First let me describe the scene...

I was sitting in room 277 waiting for my next OSH class to start. As time ticked away I made easy conversation with my cousin sitting right next to me. I expressed the longing to exercise once more. While exercising is an activity I enjoy, it's also one I can hate. As with any love/hate relationship, there is always a question in one's mind as to why they ever stopped. This made our conversation run something as follows:

"I kind of miss exercising," I started. He looked and without hesitating he replied,

"You should start running with me again."

I pondered the thought for a few seconds. I had already been rolling it around in my mind for a few days but I would be dragged back to the last time when I wound up crying in the middle of an old golf course parking lot (so many hills). Finally I decided to say the key phrase, "It's not that I don't like to run... I just can't run like you."

"I'll take it easy on you, we can start out slow just like we did last year." was his next bullet.

He was saying all the things I wanted to hear. Before I knew it, I had a contract signed saying I would only eat the things he deemed adequate for me to eat and I would get up and exercise on his command.

Well. Here I am. Not even a week into it and so much lactic acid build up in my muscles it's amazing I can even type this blog. I'm on an all protein diet and running about a mile a day with follow-up exercises. Today was my carb day and I spent lunch at McDonald's. Now it's another week of chicken and cottage cheese until I can have another delicious, mouth-watering, oh-so-delightful carb again.

Hopefully the next time everyone sees me I'll be more in shape if not a bit slimmer.

My goal is just to get back in shape before I get myself into a wedding dress.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kelly Clarkson.

This is the video I meant to have posted. It's a little bit of the drive to Shae's place when I was hanging out with Michael in July.

I don't know why I'm smiling a ridiculous amount.